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6 Reasons to Declutter Your Home

Organization and decluttering sure is popular right now and for good reason. Studies have shown the benefits of removing clutter from your home extend far past just appearance. We have compiled a list of the best reasons to declutter and organize your home below.

1. Declutter For Cleaning

Without clutter blocking your space it is way easier to clean. The cleared surfaces make it easy to get into a daily routine of wiping things down. If you have residential cleaners they can get more done, faster giving you the best bang for your buck.

2. Declutter for Money

Unfortunately, no one is paying you to declutter your home but during the process you never know what you can find. You could come across lost or useful items you may have had to buy or even actual money. Through the act of organizing people gain appreciation for the items they own and the space in their home. This appreciation can make you shop more mindfully, spending less on unnecessary items.

3. Declutter For Physical Health

Dust and pet dander tend to collect on and under unused items. Anything in your home that isn’t regularly used is an attractant for these unwanted particles. A decluttered space means less dust. We all want the air in our homes to be clean and our loved ones with allergies to breathe easier.

4. Declutter For Mental Health

It has also been scientifically proven that clutter increases your cortisol levels. Therefore decluttering will reduce both stress and anxiety. You also get the benefit of feeling accomplished after organizing your belongings.

5. Declutter for Sleep

A study has found that people sleeping in messy, cluttered rooms are more likely to have issues falling asleep and resting. A messy room can overwhelm your mind with excessive stimuli which will affect your sleep quality.

6. Declutter For Time

How many times have you almost been late because you couldn’t find your keys, sunglasses, favourite sweater or you had to help someone else find their things? When everything you own has a home, you can find what you need quickly allowing more time for the day’s activities.

Getting Started

This part is the hardest. Until you have a few areas cleaned and under your belt it’s hard to get started. We recommend starting with a small area like a cupboard or single drawer. Successfully organizing an area creates confidence and makes you feel good. You can ride this wave of confidence on to your next task!

Whether you prefer a minimalist style or still wish to have a home full of treasures, cleaning up and removing clutter will make you feel great.

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