cleaning checklist

Cleaning Checklists

Cleaning Checklists

Using a checklist while cleaning keeps you both focused and organized. While cleaning your own home, it’s easy to get distracted part way through or not even know where to start. Setting up your own personalized cleaning list is the magic trick you need to get your house in order!


Never Forget Anything

As a professional cleaning company, we use our cleaning checklist to ensure high quality cleans every time and in every city and town we service. This quality control system keeps everyone on the same track and makes sure no part of your home or office is forgotten!

Enjoy A Sense of Accomplishment

Being able to check off tasks as you complete them is a great way to feel accomplished and productive throughout the process. The act of crossing something off is an awesome feeling. Studies have shown it increases productivity and tricks your brain into feeling the motivation to keep going.

Reduce Stress

Similar to the sense of accomplishment, studies have also shown that writing things down clears space in our brains. Our minds tend to get fixated on unfinished tasks. Taking things one step at a time keeps us focused and our stress low.

Stay Focused on One Task at a Time

When cleaning, and especially when decluttering it is so easy to get off track! When you have a list written out you can pick a task and work on it until it is done. If you get distracted looking at stuff (like that old magazine from months ago), you can regroup, check the list and get back to work.
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Cleaning Checklists

Tips to making a cleaning checklist:

Master List:

Think of your needs.  How often do you clean? Do you want to split up tasks by day of the week? Or sort by weekly and monthly tasks?
Start by writing down everything that must be cleaned in your home.  From here you can decide how you want to sort it.

Some regularly forgotten items:

  • Door knobs, light switches, cabinet handles and other commonly touched items.
  • Baseboards and other low to the ground areas like behind the toilet.
  • The microwave!
  • Taking out the trash when you’re done and adding a clean bag back to the can!  (Bonus points if you wipe out the can in between)

One Time List:

When making a one time cleaning list we recommend prioritizing the tasks by importance. As well as starting with something easy and rewarding!  For example if you have the whole house to clean, start with a bathroom. It’s a small room that is easily made sparkly and you can use that room as motivation for the rest of the house.

As always, if you are looking for someone to help you with your home or office cleaning give us a call! For a free estimate you can fill out our form or give us a call at 1-833-FRESH99

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