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Benefits of Hiring a Laundry Service

Keep the laundry chaos away!

Do you have piles of laundry you’re dreading dealing with? We understand, which is why we love being able to offer a full duty laundry service in all our cities and towns!

There are quite a few benefits to using a laundry service which make it more than worth the cost.

Benefits of a Laundry Service

Never forget about laundry again

Whether it’s leaving a load in the wash overnight, or forgetting to do it at all, when life gets busy laundry is one of the first things to slip your mind. This is especially true in the summer! Once you’re using a regular laundry service you never have to worry about a laundry emergency again.

Going away on the weekend? Your favourite clothes are clean! No need to panic and buy new clothes, or try to wash everything last minute.

Professional results

Our laundry service is run by professionals who know how to care for different fabrics and remove stains. With a professional service you can expect professional results. Clean, wrinkle free clothes make you look good! This can mean nailing that presentation or landing a big job.

Do your kids get stains on everything? We have both the skills and equipment to clean a variety of stains and materials.

Saves you time

This might be the biggest benefit of all! No more nights stuck inside doing laundry. You can go out and enjoy every second of your free time in your fresh clean clothes!

One time laundry service available

Has it been a crazy couple of weeks and your laundry is piling up? Did you just come back from a big camping trip? Don’t be overwhelmed. Many companies (ours included!) offer one time laundry services. We help you catch up so you can get back to your normal routine.

Bonus benefit: Clean Sheets!

Do we even have to say anything else! With a laundry service it’s not just your clothes that get cleaned. Your towels, sheets and other linens will be regularly washed as well.

We offer our laundry services in all our locations. For a free estimate you can fill out our form here or give us a call at 1-833-FRESH99

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