fall cleaning

Fall Cleaning

Fall Cleaning

Fall cleaning! The less popular cousin to Spring Cleaning. Fall cleaning is such a nice transition from a fun, chaotic summer into a cozy fall. School is starting, the leaves are turning and the air is brisk! It’s the perfect time to get organized.

Spring cleaning is based on the idea of cleaning up after being inside all winter, we like to think of Fall cleaning as cleaning up before you are stuck inside!

Here are some great fall cleaning tips!

Get Organized

After camping trips. days spent relaxing by the pool and plenty of time with bored kids it’s no surprise our houses are messy! Fall is a great time to put away the camping supplies and summer toys and start getting ready to be cozy!

As the September heat turns into cooler brisk nights you can start packing away the shorts and reorganizing your dressers and closets with all your cold season favourites. A good tip for keeping your dresser clutter free is rotating clothes seasonally. In Fall put away the summer clothes in a tote or move them to the back of the closet bringing the sweaters up front for easy picking!

Clean the Oven

Clean your oven before it’s too cold outside! Realizing right before Christmas that your oven is a mess is no fun. Take care of this chore now while you can still have the windows open and you will thank yourself later!

Dusting Time

It’s amazing how much dust accumulates while you’re outside soaking up the sun. Now is a good time to get a good deep dusting in. Move that furniture and get those hard to reach places! When cold season hits, you will be able to breathe easier.

Outdoors Need Cleaning Too

If you live in a house with a yard don’t forget to rake those leaves, clean the eavestrough and prep your garden for winter! Large piles of leaves covered by snow all winter are a prime habitat for snow mould to develop. Some garden plants can survive the winter if they are properly protected. Kale and asparagus are good examples of these.

Prep for the Holidays

The biggest bonus of getting your house ready for Fall is the upcoming holidays. If you get some deep cleaning out of the way it will be way easier to clean up before your holiday guests arrive. Thanksgiving is just around the corner here in Canada and you’ll be so thankful for your clean, fall ready home!

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