cleaning office during flu season

Keeping Your Workplace Clean During Flu Season

Cold and Flu season is among us and it’s important to keep your workplace clean. The University of Arizona published a study on the spreading of germs in a workplace environment. Their results found that within 4 hours the virus had spread to half the office.

No employer wants their office productivity coming to a halt while their employees are out sick. Encouraging sick employees to stay home is a great idea but a lot of colds and flus can become contagious even before symptoms show. So what can be done to help minimize the spreading of germs in the workplace?


The most important thing to do is to sanitize surfaces regularly, especially those commonly touched by peoples’ hands. This includes office equipment, desks, tabletops and door handles.
Unless you are used to regular cleaning it can be difficult to remember to clean every surface. Some commonly forgotten places that attract germs are phones, photocopiers, buttons, light switches, hand railings, handles on drawers and cupboards and computer mice and keyboards.


Another area to pay special attention to is the kitchen or break room. Shared cups, coffee pots and kitchen surfaces are high risk for bacteria. Some commonly forgotten places to clean in the kitchen are the fridge handle, sink faucets, the soap dispenser, the door and entrance way and the backs of chairs.


Using the right cleaning supplies can make a big difference in the effectiveness of cleaning efforts. Microfiber cleaning cloths pick up and hold dirt more effectively than paper towels. An added bonus is they are washable and reusable which is better for the environment. Higher quality HEPA vaccum cleaners will suck up more dirt and do a better job minimizing dust. This can help create a better environment for employees suffering from asthma, improving their general health.


Encouraging employees to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer can also help keep germs at bay. Make sure the bathrooms stay stocked with soap and that hand sanitizer is available for use in multiple locations around the office. The study from the university referenced above showed that after giving the employees access to their own hand sanitizer the spread of germs dropped down to 10%.

We can’t ensure nobody gets sick during flu season but we can do our best to keep the germs from spreading. If you need help with your office cleaning and live in one of our service areas be sure to contact us. Our professional cleaning will keep your workplace shiny and sanitary. Call 1-833-FRESH99

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