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Cleaning Before Your New Baby Arrives

A new baby on the way is a great excuse to get ahead with your deep cleaning. A clean house means once your baby is here you can spend those precious moments snuggling and sleeping.

The most important tip we have is DON’T STRESS! Extra cleaning is for your peace of mind. Your new family member won’t care if you cleaned out the dishwasher or dusted under every piece of furniture prior to their arrival.

Of course a fully deep cleaned home is the dream, but here are some good areas to prioritize and tips to help you out!

Organize – Especially the Kitchen

See some of our older blog posts on decluttering, especially last months on kitchen organization.

Knowing where everything is in your home will make your life a lot easier during those sleep deprived moments. Plus if you are one handed while carrying a baby, you can grab things without needing both hands to dig around!

In the kitchen you will want a designated area for sanitizing bottles and pumps so now is a great time to free up space on your counters.

Another kitchen tip is getting your fridge and freezer cleaned out. Not only will this free up room for any meal prep you do, it will make it easier to stock the fridge with snacks and any meals people bring you later on.

Clean Carpets & Floors

A safe place to put the baby down for tummy time is on the floor on a blanket or mat. Recently deep cleaned floors will ease your mind.

Deep Clean the Bathroom

You don’t know when baby is coming so it’s hard to time cleaning your bathroom. However you can deep clean in advance, so it stays fresher longer.

Don’t forget that you need pampering after the baby arrives too! Organize a basket ahead of time with post birth supplies and comfort items.

Natural Products

If smells are bothering you try using homemade cleaning products like vinegar or baking soda (Although keep those two separate unless you are cleaning drains.) Castille soap with water also has a very mild smell and works great.

Outsource Cleaning

Pregnancy can be exhausting! Now more than ever is a great time to put your feet up and outsource. We highly recommend giving your partner a list, taking advantage of the wonderful people in your life itching to help or giving us a call!

Cleaning for new baby

Know someone expecting?

A cleaning service makes an amazing gift. For both before or after the babies arrival. Talk to the loved one in your life to see if this is something they are interested in and contact us to discuss gifting a clean!

Give us a call at 1-833-373-7499 or request a quote.

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