move out cleaning

Move Out Cleaning: Why Hire a Professional?

Move Out Cleaning

Whether you are trying to get your damage deposit back or you are passing your home off to the new buyer, move out cleaning is important! Unfortunately, when you are in the middle of moving the last thing you want to do is clean your old home.

Why Hire a Professional?

Time is precious! Moving is full of organizing, packing, planning and dealing with realtors or landlords. Hiring professional cleaners to do your move out clean not only saves you time but will give you a peace of mind knowing its being done right!

Professional cleaners will know the important areas to focus on. If your home is a rental this is a big deal. Landlords can be picky. Hiring a cleaning service will increase the chances of you receiving your damage deposit back as well as getting a reference next time you rent.

Commonly Forgotten Places

A move out clean is a lot different than your every day cleaning. You need to get the hidden places that you might not think twice about normally. Some important areas to remember:

  • Blinds & Window Sills – This can also include curtains if you are in a rental!
  • Fridges – Don’t forget underneath the crispers!
  • Behind Appliances – Pull out your stove and fridge and get all the dust behind.
  • Kitchen Cupboards – Now that your plates are gone it’s time to wipe down the inside of the cupboards.
  • Baseboards – It’s important to dust all the baseboards, especially in the previously blocked off corners.
  • Bathroom Grout – Get that tile sparkling!

Don’t Forget the Move In Clean!

You can’t always count on the people before you to do a good job! Having professional cleaners come can ensure your new home is clean, sanitary and ready for you to make your own.

Tips for Booking a Move Out / In Cleaner

Book Early – Chances are there is a specific day you need cleaners for. Planning ahead can save you a lot of stress later on.

Have the Home Empty – Do the moving first! You want the cleaners to be able to focus solely on cleaning the important areas. Having an empty home will make the whole process much smoother. Another reason to do the moving first is while moving people tend to keep their shoes on. You don’t want to clean dirty footprints yourself after the cleaners are gone.

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