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Holiday Cleaning: Tips to Get Ahead

Holiday Cleaning

Are you hosting people for the holidays? It’s hard work! You are so busy making arrangements, planning meals, shopping and enjoying all the amazing festive events. So where can cleaning fit in?

Don’t Procrastinate

Our #1 tip (okay #2 after hiring us) is don’t procrastinate! If you can start one room a day now then all that’s left come the holidays are simple tasks and touch ups. Organizing, tidying and deep cleaning ahead of time will do wonders in making your home clean later.

Make Everyone Help

Holiday time is family time so that means cleaning too! 😉 If the people in your household aren’t super keen on helping try setting a timer or putting on some fun music.

Prioritize the Important Rooms

What kind of house guests are you having?

Overnight – Get ahead on laundry, wash the nice towels and sheets now. Focus on the guest rooms and of course BATHROOMS!

Quick Visitors / Dinner Guests – Get the bathroom sparkling then focus on your front entrance, kitchen and sitting room!
Some nice décor like a wreath in the front entrance or candles in the living room can create a welcoming, cozy vibe when the guests first enter your home.

Prioritizing rooms means you will get the most important areas done first, reducing your stress and making the rest feel easy.

And most importantly don’t forget to put on your favourite holiday music and make it fun!

If you feel overwhelmed don’t be afraid to outsource your cleaning! Hiring professional cleaners is so worth it if it means you get more time to relax and enjoy your family.
We offer professional cleaning services in the GTA and Calgary. Give us a call at 1-833-373-7499 or request a quote.

holiday cleaning tips

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