kitchen organization

Home Organization: Tackling the Cluttered Kitchen

Kitchen Organization

The kitchen is the one room that can never seem to stay clean.   Whether you are trying to clear up counter space in a small kitchen, want to streamline your cooking process or are just trying to impress your friends and family at the next dinner party we’ve got your back!

Under the Sink

The first step to staying on top of cleaning is organizing your cleaning supplies!   The area under the kitchen sink can easily become chaotic.

Start by getting rid of old bottles and cleaning supplies you don’t use.  Plastic containers are great for organizing and cheap at the dollar store.  You want easily accessible garbage bags, compost bags,  dish scrubbers and cleaning rags.

Check out some ideas on Pinterest for under the sink inspiration. 

One Cabinet at a Time

Pick a cabinet and pull everything out. It’s time to purge!  As you go through each item think about if you use it, do you love it, is it just taking up precious space?

For things that are broken or expired throw them out.  For everything else get a donation box! And don’t forget to wipe down the shelves while they are empty. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed, make a goal to do one cabinet or drawer a day.

Labels and Glass Jars

Is there anything more beautiful than a nicely labeled spice drawer or baking cupboard?  Keeping your spices, flours and other dry ingredients in see through containers is a great way to make finding things easy and with an aesthetic touch!   Bonus points for buying bulk items in reusable containers and reducing your packaging waste!

A great reusable option for labeling jars is chalkboard labels!  Then you can wash out jars and easily replace the label. Plus chalk in different colors makes labeling fun.

Kitchen Organization - Labelled Jars

Kitchen Organization Tips and Tricks

Get bins for small items –Keep the measuring cups, muffin cups  and smaller baking items from getting lost.

Drawer organizers – Create special spots for cutting boards, large utensils, the cheese grater etc.  If everything has a home, the mess is minimal.

Create a System for Items that Don’t Belong

This is amazing advice for every room of your house but especially the kitchen!   Is it just us or does it seem like kitchen counters are everyones favourite place to drop their stuff? 

Get a ‘other room’ basket.  Everything that doesn’t belong gets tossed in here and you can carry it around from room to room to put things away.   You can find some super cute baskets so it doesn’t affect décor.

Having a ‘command center’ or place for papers in another room is a great way to ensure the counters don’t become cluttered with mail.

Now that you have your kitchen clutter under control it’s time to keep it clean!  If you need help with any household cleaning don’t hesitate to give us a call.  We offer residential cleaning services across Alberta and Ontario. Give us a call at 1-833-373-7499 or request a quote.


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