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 looking like they’re new again 

Please note that this service is offered to the Calgary area only at this time.

Our Experts Make Carpet Cleaning Easy

The condition of your carpeting impacts the attractiveness of your home or workplace, but eliminating stains and preventing the buildup of dirt isn’t always easy. That’s why you need a dedicated carpet cleaning company to give your floors the professional treatment. From high-traffic areas to your most private quarters, you can count on Fresh Cleaning Service to keep your space pristine.


Our proven FRESHlist is the ultimate tool for quality assurance. Every member of our team follows the list to provide consistent and professional service.


Are you concerned about the chemicals in some cleaning products? Ask about our high-quality products that are safe for your family and the environment.


We're the leader in residential cleaning because we consider the unique preferences of each client. Let us know how we can cater to your household.

A man hour is equivalent to one person working for one hour.

You provide the list of cleaning priorities and our team will work through them in order of importance.

We are available Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. Weekends are available upon request only.

Yes, you are not required to leave your home for the scheduled appointment. You can even come and go as you please.

We make our own natural cleaning products.

We will do our best to schedule another cleaner to come to your home. Otherwise, we will move your cleaning appointment to another day.

The Carpet Cleaning Company That Can Give You the Results You Want & Need

If you want your carpeting handled by professionals with decades of experience, you can’t go wrong by calling our carpet cleaning company. Every member of our team has been extensively trained on how to treat every type of carpet, and we’re dedicated to providing fast, friendly house cleaning services throughout Canada.
Call us for a one-time carpet cleaning session or for routine home maintenance and cleaning services. We’re known as a leading residential and commercial cleaning company capable of managing all types of flooring to the satisfaction of every client. From giving old carpet a fresh glow to maintaining new carpet, you can count on our expertise.

Benefits Of Working With Us


The size of the job doesn’t matter, we are ready to help you with all your cleaning needs!



Our guarantee is in our quality assurance checklist: the FRESHlist. Our fantastic cleaning staff follows this exclusive checklist when cleaning your home for a superior clean, every time!